Custom-made printing or offer adapted to the request respecting the quality

- Technical concept -


- Digitised pages
- Computer files
Two possible sources before the digital printing in order print or reprint your work.

Very much linked to computing, the power of the new systems greatly increases the means anterior to the printing, the same as the transmission of the digital data to the printers.


- Sheet laser printing systems
- Rotary laser printing systems
Two complementary systems to produce 1 to 1,000 copies of your work. Beyond, we use the leaf offset or rotary machine.

Equipped with a 600 points quality, the digital printers produce 135 to 700 pages per minute, a production rate that allows for industrial costs for medium quantities (300/800 copies).


All the works produced are stored in order to ease the main features of the digital printing:
- Small and medium runs;
- Reprints

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