Custom-made printing
or offer adapted to the request

The performance, flexibility in use of the data-processing and numerical tools in the respect of quality.

- Create new collections with weak hard copies,
- make emerge new authors for an assistantship widened,
- preserve stocks minimum,
- republish with more close to the needs,

- do not say any more : unavailable book.
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Thanks to your expertise, contribute in your speciality to support the edition or the republication of reference works.
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Booksellers of old works
- Organize republications of the most asked works your catalogue,
- make make facsimiles of them, stimulate around you new requests.
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- Car-publish your ? work by using our services to help you in the manufacture of your book,
- diffuse your work via our LibrisZone site, by increasing your chances to interest an editor.
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Print, make known your thesis, memory or research report
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Print your acts of conferences and your research reports by adjusting exactly the hard copy with the needs for your scientific community.
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Organize republications with 20, 30, 100 specimens, in order to supplement your collections with the reference works essential.
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Associations professionnelles,

- Publish your specialized works, books, reviews and booklets,
- republish your reference works exhausted.

- Save your works, give to consult only facsimiles,
- thus, you preserve your bottom all while placing it at the disposal.
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LibrisZone advises you and helps you in all your steps of manufacture, composition, impression, Digitization

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