You wish to give an impetus to your presence on the Internet? Entrust us with the design or the optimisation of your Web site's referencing in the search engines and on-line directories.

Statistics show that 80% of the cybernauts use search engines to find information and only consult the first 30 addresses.

The aim of referencing is to be present in the directories and search engines databases, so that your site may be quickly and easily found. Your site must then be displayed on the first page and on top of the results displayed after a query using key words or a combination of such.

LIBRISZONE S.A, within the frame of its Web services, proposes three modules.

Module 1 : Audit

  • Analysis of the environment within the same activity branch on the Net, to identify the competition, the partners, the customers, … The sector-related benchmark that studies the competition present on the Internet in the same branch or the competition benchmark: positioning of the two or three main competitors. In both cases, LIBRISZONE S.A. analyses the referencing items used and the positions achieved.
  • Statistics of the consultation of your site (pages read, visitors, origin…).
  • Syntax analysis of the key words integrating your own suggestions and the results of our search on the Internet.
  • Application of these meta-tags to some pages will give access either to the site's home page or to specific pages.
  • Previous analysis and tests of the management of key words and combination of such, for registration in the main search tools (validate the title that is a summary of the page contents and the description detailing the items included in the site).

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Module 2 : Registration

  • Selection of 10 search engines or general directories and identification of 5 search engines specific to the activity branch of the company. The latter will be selected using consultation and quality criteria.
  • Registration of the site inside the selected search engines and directories: the specifications and other descriptive information will have been optimised with respect to their acceptance criteria until the achievement of the result desired, which is to appear on the first pages after a query is carried out with a group of key-words or one key-word. This referencing operation is carried out manually.
  • The results achieved are generally perceptible after a period of several weeks to 3 months.

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Module 3 : Optimisation of the presence on the Net

  • Regular check of the site's positioning inside the engines during two months and analysis of the results achieved and correction, if needed.
  • Meta-tag validation, updating, addition of new key-word combinations (tiering, semantic proximity) depending on the positioning.
  • Delivery of a monthly maintenance report on the evolution of the positioning.
  • Delivery of a comprehensive report on the carried out referencing.
  • Proposal of unilateral or crossed links toward complementary sites (net linking)

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